Internal - 110mm wall panels
External - 110mm & 156mm wall panels


110mm walls - 15 kg per m2 (approximately)
156mm walls - 17 kg per m2 (approximately)

Maximum size

Wall panels can be produced joint free to a maximum size of 7m x 2.7m

Fire resistance

The non-combustible barrier coating satisfies the BCA requirements for spread of fire related to many applications. MAG-SIP core panels complies with the BCA "Group 1" classification as per ISO 9705 fire test carried out at BRANZ. The test simulated a room (3.6m long x 2.4m wide x 2.4m high) built with the MAG-SIP System wall and ceiling panels engulfed in fire.

Impact resistance

The multi-layer barrier coating provides significant impact resistance in accordance with the BCA.




Wind resistance

Full-scale tests carried out at CSIRO (as per TR440 and classified as per AS1170.2 : 2002 and AS4055 : 2006) proved that the 110mm & 156mm external walls comply with N3 wind classifications per the BCA, while the 156mm external wall can be engineered to a higher wind classification on request.

Water penetration resistance

A comprehensive test simulating static water and wind driven rain as per the BCA was conducted at CSIRO with satisfactory performance.

Thermal performance

Thermal tests conducted on 50mm PIR foam panels at BRANZ have shown the following:
Thermal Conductivity @ 230C = 0.0219 W / mK
Thermal Resistance @ 230C = 2.2 m2 K / W

Acoustic performance

Wall panels can be designed and produced to suit a range (Rw+Ctr = 30-50) of acoustic requirements
Technical Details

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